B&W Bike Box

Funktionen und technische Details

If you want a bike box that provides a high level of protection, while keeping bulk and weight to a minimum, then the B&W bike box is the way to go. Based around a sturdy alloy frame and a vacuum moulded ABS plastic hard shell, the B&W box shields your bike from even the worst knocks and bumps. Designed with internal straps, foam walls and protectors, the B&W bike box also minimises damage caused to your frame and components by interior rattling too. Thanks to the riveted security strap, strengthened hinges and butterfly locks, you can be confident that the contents of your case are secure throughout your journey. With three handles and four free running castor wheels which are held in place with reinforced axles, this case easily rolls over any terrain – from smooth airport floor ways to gravel pathways.  Vacuum moulded strike-proof ABS plastic shell  Strong aluminium frame  2 flush-fitting butterfly locks in the aluminium frame  3 high-strength hinges  4 free running castor all terrain wheels with reinforced axles  Double shell thickness at wheel mounting points  Riveted security strap, Velcro fastening with luggage label  2 lifting handles  1 reinforced, sprung pilot handle for pulling the case   Foam padding on internal walls  2 wheel bags  accepts road bikes of up to 62 cm Weight (net) - 9.40kg / Weight (gross) - 12.15kg  Exterior dimensions L: 115 x W: 85/87 x H: 29.5cm 
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