Segway Ninebot by Kickscooter Zing C8 Grey Yellow

Funktionen und technische Details

The Zing series is an electric scooter that Segway has designed specifically for children. Even though Zing C8 is designed as a toy and not for commuting, SegwayNinebot has not compromised on quality - on the contrary, safety has been a top priority. Therefore, the maximumspeed has been capped at 16 km/h and the scooter has a 10km range. The Zing C8 only weighs 9kg. The battery is in the footboard, which gives Zing C8 a low centre of gravity and helps make the scooter as easy as possible to steer. Zing C8 is equipped with a traditionalhandbrake that controls the rear wheel. Extra safety features include is a skidproof footboard and skidproof wheels.For those just getting started, Zing C8 is equipped with a SAFE setting that caps the speed at 10 km/h. Those with more experience can use the smart CRUISE CONTROL and the TURBO setting means that you do not have to manually kick off to get moving. The BMS (battery management system) ensures that all battery power is utilised and it prevents overheating, short circuiting, overcharging and excessive discharging. The battery indicator will flash a red light once there is less than 10% battery power left.Recommended age 6-12+Max. speed 16km/h / 9.9mphTypical range Up to 10km / 6.2 milesMax. climb angle 7%Max. driver weight 50kgFoldable NoLights NoRiding modes Turbo / Cruise / SafeCharging time 2.5 hoursPower output Nominal 120WBattery 54Wh / 2500mAhTyres 6” solid synthetic rubberBrakes Hand brake for the rear wheelWeight 9kgBell NoTraversable terrain Asphalt, flat pavementIP-rating IPX4**The IPX4 classification means that your KickScooter is wellprotected from splashing water, but not completely waterproof.Riding through rain puddles should be avoided.
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